We provide tower services including but not limited to; tower inspections and maintenance, antenna and TX line installations, radar installations, tower modifications and erections, lighting system maintenance and tower painting. On towers ranging in height from 10′ to 2000′ either guyed or self-supporting. Our target work area is in the states of California and Nevada, but we frequently travel the continent of North America to assist our customers with their projects and needs. Additionally, Best Endeavours, Inc. has experience working in Canada, Europe, The Middle East, and Africa.

tower inspections and maintenance
antenna, radar and TX line installations
tower modifications and erections
lighting system maintenance
tower painting

Red Bluff, CA

KNVN TV: Red Bluff, CA

Cutler, ME

Cutler Naval Radio Station:

Taper base structural member replacement.

McIntire, IA

Installation of KIMT’s digital antenna.

Washington, DC

Removal of the famous ATC Tenley tower in NW Washington, DC.

Deerfield, NH

Removal and re-installation of 15,000 lbs, 68′ long Traveling Wave antenna for New Hampshire Public TV.

San Jose, CA

Digital antenna installation for KICU.

Lexington, KY

ERI tower erection and FM antenna installation for WRFL at the University of Kentucky.

Indianapolis, IN

New Digital TV antenna installation for WFYI  Public Television.

Canon Point, Mombasa, KENYA

CSC Suretrak Radar installation.  4 sites installed on the Kenyan coast from Mombassa up to Kiunga on the Somali border.


Working with Erickson Aircrane and Doty-Moore Tower Services, we reinstalled a Digital TV antenna for the Las Vegas TV stations KVMY and KVCW.

South Bend IN

Working with Schrader Broadcast we installed new Insulators and guy wires for WSBT in South Bend, IN.


Working with Tower King II on the famous Sutro Tower in San Francisco.  We replaced the entire electrical system for the elevator as well as installing new cables and sheave bearings.


1000′ direct bury run of 3″ Heliax for the Coast Guard at the CAMSPAC facility in Bolinas, CA.

Maskali Island Djibouti

Guy wire change out in Djibouti, Africa for CSC and the Djiboutian Navy.  This is Maskali Island in the middle of the Gulf of Tadjoura. We replaced the guy wires on 2 other towers as well; Ras Bir, overlooking the mouth of the Red Sea and Moulhoule, close to the border of Eritrea.


80′ tower with foundation and 2 bay FM antenna install for ERI and Deportes Y Musica.

Moapa Valley NV

Removal of 14 bay PSI antenna and installation of new Shively 14 bay high power FM antenna at 1400′.

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